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Assemblymember Evan Low Introduces Bill to Protect Election Integrity and Ensure Funding Transparency in Election Recounts

Legislation Will Require Automatic Recounts in Close Elections and Transparency of Outside Funding Within 24 Hours for Election Recounts

For immediate release:
Assemblymember Evan Low News Release Header Graphic

SACRAMENTO — Today Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) introduced legislation in Assembly Bill (AB) 996 to require an automatic recount of votes in any statewide races where the margin of victory is either less than 0.25 percent of the ballots cast or less than 25 votes in order to ensure the accuracy of election results in California. The Legislation also requires within 24 hours any contributors of $10,000 or more for voter-requested recounts be reported to county election officials and published on county election websites.

Assemblymember Evan Low said,

“AB 996 protects the integrity of California elections by guaranteeing that all close statewide elections will receive a fair and impartial recount, and ensures public transparency of outside recount funders.”

The automatic recount threshold mirrors the County of Santa Clara’s best practice to recount local races that are extremely close.

This legislation would ensure the integrity of California’s elections by requiring votes in the closest races be recounted automatically, and require transparency for the public in California’s political processes by making sure any large funders of voter-requested recounts are public.

The legislation awaits referral to committees in the California State Senate.



Evan Low represents the Silicon Valley in the California State Assembly. He was elected in 2014 after serving as a Councilmember and Mayor for the City of Campbell. He serves as a Member of the Assembly Committees on Business and Professions, Elections, Governmental Organization, Higher Education, and Rules. Assemblymember Low also serves as the Chair of the California Asian American & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, is the founder and Co-Chair of the California Legislative Technology & Innovation Caucus, and is a Member of the California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus.