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2023 Bills Signed Into Law



Physician Assistants (AB 1070) This bill permits physicians and surgeons to supervise up to eight physician assistants to perform in-home evaluations. This allows the health care system to expand its reach and provide services to patients who are affected by transportation, finances, and other constraints that limit their access to necessary health services.

World Hepatitis Day (ACR 104) Assembly Concurrent Resolution 104 recognizes July 28 as World Hepatitis Day to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis; and, urges all California institutions, nonprofit organizations, health care organizations, businesses, community leaders, and residents to ensure screenings for hepatitis B and C.


 LGBTQ Rights


Marriage Equality (ACA 5)
This bill put on the November 2024 ballot a constitutional amendment to protect the fundamental freedom to marry as part of the existing rights to due process, equal protection, enjoyment of life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and privacy. Our California Constitution should protect fundamental civil rights for all people, and ACA 5 will help protect the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, as well as for interracial couples.


 Crime Prevention


Prohibition of Sexual Predators from Completing Court-Ordered Community Service around Children (AB 1371)
This bill prohibits a person convicted of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor, who is granted probation, from completing community service at a school or location where children are present.


 Elections & Voting Access


Ranked Choice Voting for Santa Clara County (AB 1227)
This bill allows Santa Clara County to implement ranked-choice voting (RCV) for county elections. In 1998, Santa Clara County voters approved Measure F, which added section 208 to the county charter authorizing instant run-off, a form of RCV, when the technology was available.




Valley Transportation Authority Prohibition Orders (AB 1735)
This bill grants Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) prohibition order program to address violent assaults against transit operators and riders. This authority will allow VTA to move proactively to keep violent persons from interacting with VTA employees without the need for lengthy court proceedings.




Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (HR 38)
House Resolution 38 recognizes May 2023 as Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month, and commends Asian and Pacific Islander Americans for their notable accomplishments and contributions to California. 

California Acupuncture Day (HR 48)
House Resolution 48 proclaims July 12, 2023, as California Acupuncture Day, and encourages all Californians to consider the use of acupuncture.