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Evan Low Introduces Bills to Detain, Supervise & Deter Repeat Offenders; Give Public Transparency on Prisoner Early Releases

Legislation Introduced to Deny Bail, Increase Parole on Repeat Offenders; Allow Victims and Public Access to Details of Earned Credits Applied to Early Releases

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley) introduced legislation to address the chronic problem of dangerous repeat criminal offenders, and to require the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to provide the public access to the details of what any inmate does to earn any release credit which is applied to allow them to be released early from state prison.

Assemblymember Evan Low said of the introduced legislation:

“Violent repeat offenders must not be casually released back into the community to commit more violent crimes such as the individual that opened fire against San Jose Police Officers last August shooting my brother’s partner and putting their lives in danger. Further, victims and the public deserve access to understand how and why criminals are being released early back into our communities so we may judge as a society whether or not our laws are protecting us. Together, my bills aim to stop violent repeat criminal offenders and prioritize the victims and the public’s right to know and be safe in our communities.”

Assembly Bill (AB) 2788 applies to anyone, per the law, that is prohibited from owning a firearm and commits a felony using a firearm, or anyone who is convicted of two crimes against a person and commits a third crime against a person within three years, and requires that those offenders be denied bail until arraignment, requires the judge to consider the repetitive nature of the person’s crimes and give weight towards maximum sentences allowed for all charges, mandates the courts to require rehabilitation or education programs be completed during incarceration for good conduct credits to be awarded, and requires five years of maximum level supervised probation if probation is granted.

AB 2766 requires that CDCR records pertaining to an inmate’s release date, and what the inmate did to earn any release credits, are public record and subject to disclosure.


Evan Low represents the Silicon Valley in the California State Assembly. He was elected in 2014 after serving as a Councilmember and Mayor for the City of Campbell. He serves as a Member of the Assembly Committees on Business and Professions, Elections, Governmental Organization, Higher Education, and Rules. Assemblymember Low also serves as the Chair of the California Asian American & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, is the founder and Co-Chair of the California Legislative Technology & Innovation Caucus, and is a Member of the California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus.